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Who's Who In Pinball

This feature will appear again in the future

Welcome to Who's Who In Pinball - this is an extension to the Designers Comments pages I host here. I've read many things these guys have said, and enjoyed the games they've been involved in, so I decided I'd like to see what they looked like too. Big Mistake - as you can see from the rogues gallery below - it's not a pretty sight. Many of the people listed here are probably more well known now than they ever have been such is the interest in pinball from all us pin-heads.
I'd like to thank Russ Jensen for many of the pictures, John Popadiuk for identifying a few more, and the many photographers and websites I have blatantly ripped-off. Thanks also to the Internet Pinball Database for much of the game-specific information
You will see many gaps and some unflattering pictures of many of the people involved in pinball - if you have anything you can add, information and especially pictures (either additions of people I've missed out, better shots than what I have or funny, stupid, or even embarrassing) please send them to me at fez@extraball.co.uk. If you see something of yours you'd like recognition for, also get in touch.
I've split the listing up into sections based on the primary design involvement of the people concerned...

If you have any details of someone I've missed (I know there are loads) or have better pictures or more interesting information about anyone - please drop me a line at fez@extraball.co.uk

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