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Owners List

Welcome to the Shrek Owners List.
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#Owners NameSerial No. / DOMWebsite / LocationComments
1 Grahame Fairall E216459 www.extraball.co.uk Loved the layout and playability of Family Guy but the theme did nothing for me - fantastic news when Stern decided to do a conversion to a Shrek-themed pinball - just had to be my first NIB.
Mar 18 2008 Gloucestershire, UK
2 John M. Rosenberg 218254 - Third NIB Stern and Love it! Much better package then FGY.
May 28 2008 Naples, Florida USA
3 D. Lancaster 217038 - Love the art package and whimsical theme of this title.
Apr 09 2008 Dallas,Texas USA
4 Mike Purcell 219168 www.Classicplayfields.com Great game!
Jun 24 2008 Halifax, NS Canada
5 Plusdebrol 216538 - Fun game, though a bit easy.
not present Casteau-Belgium

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