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Hidden Video Mode

Bob's Souvenir Bunker has a variety of signs in the window. One message hints at a secret video mode: "Hidden video mode BRRRLLRRL". What's all that about eh?

Well, when you've seen it during a game AND you've had a good enough game to get onto the high score table (even the daily one), enter the code suggested (L=left, R=right, B=both) instead of typing your initials. You will be rewarded with the Indian Chief walking past the screen and the message "Thanks for playing".

The Roadshow Advertising Mockups

Click here to see some of the preliminary mockups for the promotional flyer. These were produced before the game was even finished.


Here's a couple of Roadshow speaker cutouts...

...and a Roadshow keyring...

Roadshow Pinball Commemorative Crystal Award

Just twelve of these Roadshow Pinball Commemorative Crystal Awards exist. Find out more about them here.

Carlene Carter

Bizarrely - Carlene Carter is featured throughout the game, a hoarding with a picture of her appears in the backglass, she is the voice of Red, and the music of her 'Every Little Thing' accompanies a jackpot in Roadshow. Click here to see the Carlene Carter "Every Little Thing" Video.

Carlene Carter "Every Little Thing" Video

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