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This is a list of known common problems with this machine...

Latest ROM upgrade: Game: L-6, Sound L-1

Common Problems: Check here for a list of problems common to all pinballs;

Bottom Arch: Due to some manufacturing error, most Roadshow's have corrosion problems with the bottom arch which causes the paint to bubble and peel off - including under the decals. Only current solution is to strip it, re-prime & repaint, then apply reproduction decals. Mail fez@extraball.co.uk for some good scans.

Roadshow Arch Wear - click to enlarge
Here is a particularly bad example.

Hole in playfield below City Kickout: this is VERY common caused by dirty balls ejected from the City Kickout landing in the same place on the playfield thousands of times.

It depends on the strength of the kickout as to where exactly the wear patch is - hopefully it'll be on a nondescript patch of playfield and not on your fish.

The only thing to do is clean & repaint the area as best you can and cover with mylar.
Fish wear - click to enlarge
Here's a pretty bad example.

Wear to City Kickout: this is a problem for any game with a sink hole - especially if damaged balls have been used. Protectors are available from enthusiasts.

City Kickout wear - click to enlarge
Here's an example - the wear can be much worse.

Dozer Blade problems: plenty of problems, very common - likely either a dirty dozer opto or an incorrectly adjusted eddy sensor:

  • Dozer Blade Opto: Clean the dozer blade opto using a Q-tip and some glass cleaner or alcohol to remove the carbon dust accumulated on it.
  • Eddy Sensor: Dozer blade 'hits' are detected with an eddy sensor, which is under the playfield and is triggered when a metal object (the ball) breaks its magnetic field. To readjust the eddy sensor, you need a small philips screwdriver that will fit in the potentiometer for the sensor in question. Turn the pot in both directions several times to clean any 'dead' spots, then turn it until the red LED just comes ON, then back it off in the other direction until the LED just goes off. You can test its sensitivity by placing a pinball in front of the dozer blade and see if it registers a hit.
  • Red & Ted eye problems: Much like Rudy in Funhouse, the heads are prone to problems, especially non-blinking/moving eyes - all movements can be examined through the Test Menus. Ted's head is especially tricky to fix, though the Roadshow assemblies are reputed to be more reliable (and parts more readily available) than the Funhouse ones. Websites offering help to fix Rudy's head will be very useful to Roadshow owners too - here's are a couple:

  • Pin Thugs
  • Roy A's Page
  • Cabinet Fading: The orange colors on the cabinet fade relatively easily (compare both sides and/or get a look behind the legs to see the original orange)

    Translite Damage: The white chicken in the lower left portion of the translite is often scratched - This can be caused by a star-post on the hinged light-board door catching the translite.

    Blue Legs: Original colour is a light blue to match the cabinet (check the flyer).

    Shaker Motor: This can be disabled (through the operator menus) or detached/disconnected. Check it works as this is one of the best features of the game (the constant vibration can shake loose otrher problems).

    ...and here's one last thing that could go wrong - picture taken from an ebay auction of a Roadshow in Australia where there was a fire on the playfield.....Oh Ted!

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