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Welcome to the Owners List. One of the funniest games ever made, with a great rule set, 18 modes, and a shaker motor - all makes this a truly great pin.
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#Owners NameSerial No. / DOMWebsite / LocationComments
1 Grahame Fairall 51024-104526 www.extraball.co.uk My first pin - one I keep coming back to. Some great shots and still funny and challenging when other games have become tired.
21-Nov-94 Gloucestershire, UK
2 Dave Roberts 51024-104062 - On location at Aladdins Amusements on Brighton Seafront.
- Brighton, UK
3 Crosbie Fitch - www.cyberspaceengineers.org Hmmmmn.... A fun pintable, but one that I play much less than Demolition Man or Bram Stoker's Dracula - for some strange reason.
- Lewes, UK
4 KenInTexas - home.texoma.net/~kenyon Former route game but in good shape. A Lawlor classic! Visit my site to get a custom pricing card for your RoadShow!
- Texas
5 Bobby Alexander 50224-106651 - My 3rd pin and second Lawlor (NGG), they're both keepers.
28-Dec-94 Scottsdale, AZ
6 Rob Walters 50224-101640 www.arcadeobsession.com My first (and currently my only) Lawlor pin. The widebody makes for fun play.
14-Oct-94 Atlanta, GA
7 Martin Ayub - www.martinayub.com A favourite game of mine but that darn right outlane gets me every time. It's a great sound and light experience and the shaker motor is sublime. I just wish there was a super-wizard mode for completing all the cities.
- Hayes, Middlesex
8 Patrik Lantz 52124102391 www.golf3000.se/pinball This is my third pinball after Pinball Mania and Twilight Zone It's very cool, and this one is more or less in MINT Cond.
24-Oct-94 Sweden - Landskrona
9 Chris Calwell - - Works great for the most part, but Ted's mouth could use an adjustment and I think the shaker motor has worn out. Any idea how to find a replacement shaker motor these days?
- Durango, CO
10 Dan Schindler - www.channel1.com/users/daniel A great underrated game. TZ without all the junk on the playfield. Funny, bright.
11 Joe Pape - - I bought Road Show because I couldn't find a Funhouse , now I'm glad I couldn't find the Funhouse ....RS is a much better game.
12/08/1994 Atlanta , Georgia, USA
12 Håkan Malmberg 52124-103774 - Rev L-6 U6. This is my fourth widebody-pin, and i really like it.
14-Oct-1994 Malmö - Sweden
13 Craig Pullen 51024-?????? - My favourite machine of all time. its a fantasitic game that you never get bored of.
19-October-1994 England
14 Andrew Moran 53324-106532 www.andrewmoran.org 1st pinball machine.
11-Nov-1994 Fairfax, VA, USA
15 Jeff Zwibelman 53324-104398 - Always loved this game - finally got one and fixed it up to mint condition. By far my favorite pinball!
09-Nov-94 St. Louis, Missouri (U.S.A.)
16 Tim 53324-106232 - My first pinball machine. In perfect condition.
15-Dec-94 Belgium
17 Michael Totillo 52824-102385 - Extremely fun & challenging pin that you never grow tired of. A true Lawlor Classic!
25-Oct-94 Long Island, New York, USA
18 Andreas Denk 52124-101657 - Ted won´t open his eyes, but apart from that, it´s in mint condition. I had to disable the shaker motor by loosening the weights, otherwise it would get me thrown out of my apartment.
24-oct-94 Stockholm-Sweden
19 David DeWinter 53324-105877 - A great 'Family' game. It was a Mothers Day present for my wife. Condition is almost NIB.
16-Dec-94 Georgia, US
20 Jernej Dobelsek 52224 101276 - My 5 pinball game and 4 pinball from Pat Lawlor I also have TZ, AF, FH and STTNG.
10/17/94 Slovenija
21 Julian Hepworth 51024 103931 www.pinball.dial.pipex.com Machine No 3 after WW and TZ. Playfield excellent, apart from lower arch. Cheeky humor!
02-Nov-94 Surrey,UK
22 Richard Witteveen 5324105909 - I like the game very much eckcept for the fu....g taxi driver at the start of the game but just as good as the twilight zone have it to
12-13-94 Leeuwarden, Netherlands
23 Hero Idema 51324102128 - I like the "fresh" colors of it
26 Oct 1994 The Hague, The Netherlands
24 Hagenaars - - Seen a lot of pins, and this is my favourite !
- Breda, The Netherlands
25 Hans Balk 50724 10583 www.shootmagain.nl GREAT !!
11/01/94 Arnhem, The Netherlands
26 Trey Tamm 53324-102801 - My first pin...hopefully one of many in the future. Love the ruleset and modes - and the shots in general.
September 28, 1994 Wind Gap, Pennsylvania, USA
27 Mariska Doorn-Komen 50224100913 - Little problem with the optic switches (balls), but working on it!!
03 oct 1994 Lelystad, The Netherlands
28 Euan Walker 51024-104134 - Very good machine, hate the Taxi driver Reds mouth not working otherwise 1st class condition considering I got it for nothing from local arcade as it was going in skip.
11/03/94 Dunoon ,Argyllshire
29 Brian Lambert 53324-104304 - My first pin and I still play it! Believed to be HUO, with only three owners...Beautiful condition overall, but with wear below the fish, slight orange cabinet fade, small nicks in Ted's mouth, and a small nick in the chicken on the translite
11-14-94 Charlotte, North Carolina
30 Leon van den Hurk - - Great and fun game. Good ruleset, and nice rampshots. Also the game creates a good atmosphere, not only by having the 'bulldozer shaker'. This is my second pinball. I used to have a Pinball Magic (also a great game, especially the diming lights are very cool) bus I like my Road Show better '-)
- Helmond, The Netherlands
31 Dave & Kay Moeller 53324-100423 - The best game a construction family could own.
10/04/94 Lemont, Il, USA
32 John Palings 53324-106501 - My second pinball and I love it! It's in excellent condition, but with the usual problems (the fish, slight cabinet fade, the chicken). My neighbours love the shaker motor ;-)
20-12-94 Utrecht, The Netherlands
33 Kevin Hitt 50324102218 - My first machine. Absolutely love it! No major problems, except I can't figure out how to turn on the shaker motor (doesn't seem to see a control adjustment for that, or if there is, I can't find it)
11/01/94 Tupelo, MS, USA
34 Dennis Verleyen 50224-106907 - I love this pin!!!
27-12-94 Ghent,Belgium
35 Chris Kruger 50224-106907 - Got 2 of them it is so much fun!
27-12-94 Ames Iowa 50010, USA
36 Aaron Van Noy 53324-102849 www.nowthatspinball.com TreasureCove did a Bang up job on this one! Looks like NIB. :-)
10/26/94 Atlanta GA, USA
37 Robert Wheeler 53324-100429 - traded a dedicated smashtv for this pin. one of the best pins ever made
10-07-1994 Lake Worth, Florida, USA
38 Alex Ward 51024-103881 - Bought in MINT condition from Archer Maclean.
21-11-94 Surrey, England
39 Robert Warner 53324-105590 - When I sold my pinball business I kept this game which is in near mint condition and Twilight Zone, to have with my New AFG #914.
12-05-94 My Home Del Rio Tx., USA
40 Christian Hyrup Jensen - - Great game. My 4th machine and by far the newest.
- Djursland, Denmark
41 Christopher Bucci 50324-103766 www.buccisarcade.com Excellent game. Great shape with blue painted siderails/lockdown bar and radio to match the prototypes. Love it!!!!
11-1-94 Erie, PA, USA
42 Eric Akershoek 51324-102945 - the greatest game ever made.
10-26-94 Elburg Netherlands
43 Jamie Barron - - One of my fav's, I have offen herd people talk about this game and same say its make of two of his game from yester year. Well as for that I say its only the best of them and with new twists!
Owned Rollergames,TW,Shadow,ACE is all I can say
oct 94 Hertfordshire, UK
44 John Crawford 50424-103410 - Great shape purchased from RnR pinball
11/02/94 Cleveland, Ohio, USA
45 Petri Jalo - - Timo Valkonen's old Machine. [The best game (ok, after TZ) in excellent condition. Only the bottom arch paint corrosion problem.]
- Finland
46 Kristian Persson 54121-162228 - Totally Awesome game! Fun & Challenging!
10-26-94 Sweden
47 Alex Duin 50724-10583 pinball.eigenstart.nl I have won this machine at the Dutch Pinball Open (DPO) 2004 !!
I had this particular machine for 4 mounths and now i'm owning the machine ! Unbelievable..RBION !
It's in great condition and was owned by Hans Balk and Luc Lemmens as for a i know..
11/01/94 Nieuwe Niedorp, Netherlands
48 Richard Rivardo 51724-100093 - I just aquired mine. It came with the house, they couldn't get it out of the basement door. I guess it has been here for a while. The U2 sound ROM is shot but I just ordered a new one. I can't wait to play it with sound. A lot of fun so far.
09/30/94 NY, USA
49 Paul Sommers 52324-102263 - -
- Sydney, Australia
50 Rush Luangsuwan 52324-100033 - Prototype, has red boards (all lamp, eddy sensors, and LED road signs). Different playfield artwork and inserts. Installed center post. Different colored cabinet hardware. Has A-14619 interface installed.
01-Sep-94 Chicago, USA
51 Pablo Fugarolas 51024-101318 - In great shape, one of my favourites, love the music and the jackpot sounds.
31-Oct-94 A Coruna, Spain
52 Mike Gratton 51024-101446 www.mikesgamesroom.com A great family pin! This one has the regular wear (chicken, fish, cabinet fade). No other problems and is very enjoyable. Setup on 3 balls but it awards extra balls instead of credits or specials. Hi-score is over 13B.
19-Oct-94 Ottawa, Canada
53 Pablo Fugarolas 51024-101318 - In great shape, one of my favourites, love the music and the jackpot sounds.
13-Oct-1994 A Coruna, Spain
54 Jeff Iarossi 001397 - After bringing it home wasn't to sure if I liked it but after playing it totally kept me coming back.
04-Oct-1994 Parsippany, NJ USA
55 Branco Mario 50424 102544 - A great machine...... One of the the best pinball machine .....
11/01/1994 Vitry le Francois, France
56 Dennis Cole 53624 100021 - my playfield has mardi gras in place of new orleans i heard it is a prototype roadshow any info greatly appreciated.
14/09/94 Long Island, New York, USA
57 Jim Seward 53324 105376 - Great game, fun theme - who doesn't like smashing things?! :-)
14-Dec-94 Reynoldsburg, Ohio, USA
58 David Hayes 53324 106254 - Always a favorite as a youngster - now added to my gameroom and it still keeps me interested. Widebody pin with lots of action that doesn't get old. My RS is in excellent shape and I plan to have it for years to come.
14-Dec-94 New Hudson, Michigan USA
59 Jonathan Gibbs 524100006 - -
- la tour du crieu, France
60 John & Nicki Dell 51024104840 - Red's comments are really funny and sarcastic,Ted's a little more layed back. It's a fun game to play very hard to get bored of.
11/10/94 Moreton , Wirral , England
61 Wesley Cowan 52224104522 - Very fun game. One of my all-time favorites!
09-Nov-94 Colorado Springs, CO USA
62 Frank Miklin 52224104445 - Bought 06/28/07, nice artwork, cool rumble feature and nice sound.
11/09/94 Lausen, Switzerland
63 Dan Keating 50224-100368 - I searched for this game for years, finally found one I damn good condition, needs a little work nothing major, a work in progress, AWESOME GAME!
10/10/94 Bayville, NJ, USA
64 Scott n Richelle 524-103822 - Mint-as new-less than 500 games,HUO. Scratch 2cms on chicken. Never Sell.
15-Dec-94 Sydney NSW Australia
65 Tom Moro - pinball.chapso.de A great machine...... One of the the best pinball machine.
- Austria
66 Derk de Vries 51324101776 - Our one and only. Bought in 1998 and still a valuable part our room decoration. In need of some service though...
20-Dec-94 't Harde, The Netherlands
67 Amy and Lucien Roberts 50324103766 - First pinball machine...great machine
11/01/1994 Glen Allen, Virginia, USA
68 Brett Glasson 53324103398 - Second pin I've had. Love it!
28/10/94 Melbourne, Australia
69 Tim Smith 53324105539 - Got this game super cheap from a guy who didn't know anything about it; a million-to-one find. Very dirty when I bought it, but it cleaned up really nice and works 100%. Great pin, planning to hang on to this one.
12/05/94 Gilbert, AZ, USA
70 Dan Stromberg 53324103163 - Excellent condition. Totally restored 2006 by Allen Shope. Fun game that you never get bored of.
28-10-94 Riverside, California, USA
71 Don Walton Jr 53324 104623 - Purchased from a local bowling alley. In great shape!
27-11-94 Albuquerque, NM, USA
72 David Staub 50224102283 - My first pin. Bought it from a dealer who got it from a container. Hadn't been used in years...extremely dirty. Red & Ted both needed a lot of work, but the playfield was in good shape. It's 100% now. Fun game!
31-Oct-94 Clifton, VA, USA
73 D and G Smith 53324106530 www.daleandgingersmith.com Re-furb out of Atlantic City, NJ area. Still working out the kinks and learning how to score points. Our second pinball joining Time Machine by DE. I think the jackhammer motor needs work, too.
30-Dec-94 Spokane, WA USA
74 David Chervinski 53324104065 - we have had it in our company since it was new.it sat for a number of years needing repair but is now a 100% working part of my personal pinball family....great game.
11/05/94 Lethbridge,AB Canada
75 Dave Pluim 51324101991 - Finally got one and do not expect to sell it ever ! Just fabulous ! Very entertaining and lots of fun !
10-Oct-94 Zoetermeer, The Netherlands
76 Steven Elliot 53324105446 - My first Lawlor game and I love it so much! Really like when the ball diverts down to the far left side when you don't expect it...Great interaction with Ted and Red...so much fun! This machine is truly a 'sleeper' when it comes to classics in pins.....Sits along side my Addams with pride...
12/8/94 Thousand Oaks, CA USA
77 Adrian Watkin 50624104742 - Great game that my wife and I knew from playing a 'new' one when we met xxx years ago in the UK. The bulldozer blade and red's mouth need watching for maintenance but otherwise very very reliable and immense fun
23/11/94 Sydney Australia
78 Jim G 53324105275 - My first pin - in great shape. Having fun playing and learning about repair/up keep.
14-Oct-94 Denver, CO, USA
79 Colton Smith 53324106040 - I first played this game while visiting Fort Fisher, North Carolina. They had it turned off in one of their recreational facilities, but being the pinball nut that I am, I turned it on and was shocked to see a perfectly working game. Why exactly was it turned off was unknown, but considering it was the only one set to free play, it may have been a recent acquisition for them. A few years later I was looking for my first pinball machine and couldn’t decide on which one to purchase. After recalling my memories playing pinball in the past, I decided I just had to own a Roadshow, and now I do.
12/09/94 Prospect Park, PA USA
80 Claus S. Missing - Best Pinball ever! Extremely funny and sarcastic, great music and effects, best integration of a shaker and a second plunger! The heads are incredible in commenting each action of the player! Very good condition, no wear on the fish, fully working heads, no damages - almost like new! This is mine and will never leave! :)
Oct 11 1994 Grimmenstein, Austria
81 Steven G. 51324101832 - Totally restored by myself! Better than new. I love pinmation!!! I love Pat Lowler and Chris Granner!!!
10/26/94 Luxemburg

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