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Now It Can Be Told...

Pinball Magic was actually a Mark Ritchie game. Mark's contract with Williams stated that he could not design a machine with someone other than Williams for a certain time period after he left Williams. For legal reasons that's why his name is not on the machine. I must say it has a very 'Mark Ritchie' feel about it and explains many of the side-swipes at Williams to be found on the game...

About 1200 Pinball Magic games were produced

Does anyone know the formula for Pinball Magic purple??? Most cabinets need some touching up and matching that purple exactly is nearly impossible!

Pinball Patents

Pinball Magic has more patents relating specifically to it, than ANY other pinball game (yes - including Twilight Zone!). Here are a few of the more interesting ones...

Pinball optical illusion techniques
Pinball wand
Pinball movable doors
Wire form for pinball skill loop shot
Pinball multi-path play feature with magnetic ball diversion
Pinball wand
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