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This is a list of known common problems with this machine...

With the exception of the drop targets assembly the quality is very high and right up there with Williams/Bally.

It is not popular with many buyers because it is a Capcom and not a Williams/Bally, however it is a modern 1995 dot matrix machine with a very smooth feel and can play very fast.

The flipper design is superb and the strength is adjustable - it has a great flipper action when maintained.

Pinball Magic is a very nice playing machine with all the classic and modern targets. These include a drop hole, a drop hole / shooting scoop, a captive ball, 5 bank drop targets, two ramps, a pop bumper next to a slingshot (for that bang the hell out of the ball effect you get from triple pop bumpers), a top loop that slings the ball at high speeds back at you without draining and the usual collection of stand up stationary targets / rollovers.

Pinball Magic has two amazing features too:

  • A moving magic wand that holds and guides the ball magnetically suspended from the underside.
  • One stage appears to levitate the ball straight up and place it onto a habitrail.
  • The playfield ramps are all at the top and do not obscure the playfield.

    Pinball Magic has lighting that is better than the other major manufacturers. All of the lights including the general illumination have varing levels of brightness during the game as contrasted by the on/off lighting you usually see.

    One major criticism of the game is that is it very linear.

    Other reported problems

    Stage Optos?

    Ramp entry switch can be activated twice making the machine think the ball ran back down the ramp. If your switch is bouncing, is mis adjusted, or the gate swings excessivly, it won't recognize the second switch next to the stage.

    Wand not magnetizing - probably the switch just before the ball enters the wand that is

    Wand stop rotating due to a break in the wire. It is useful to note that the motor on the state door is the same and with a few cable tie clips and the bending out of a key pin, they connectors can be swapped to test if the problem is in the motor or not. As far as magnetizing the game only allows the magnet to be used x times every y minutes (I think x=3 and y=5) in order to prevent the coil from melting. So if you hit it x+1 times, it will not energize the wand until time = time + y. Which really sucks, when you try to complete triple power play. (lock 3 balls without draining a ball) I have heard that when PM was first released , the wand coils were melting due to excessive use. The software change was their "quick fix". They should have shortened the energize time, and added a small cooling fan.

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