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Welcome to the Owners List. A superb pinball that's not made by Bally/Williams??? Yes - it's true - arguably Capcom's greatest game. Yeah, it has linear modes and someone should throttle the Sword Swallower, but the toys are some of the best ever devised in pinball.
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#Owners NameSerial No. / DOMWebsite / LocationComments
1 Grahame Fairall 1001044 www.extraball.co.uk First saw this game in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) in March 2001 - filthy but fascinating game with some awesome toys - had to have one. Superb design features & software - now looking for more Capcoms - anyone?
? Gloucestershire, UK
2 Jenny Liedholm 1000087 - Mint condition. ROM 1.0.12
1995-12-07 Sweden
3 Martin Wiest 0001177 www.pinball2000.de Good condition, private owned since 1999.
October 1995 Groebenzell, Germany
4 Rainer Mieske PB100015 www.pinball2000.de Good condition, private owned since 1998.
1995-12-07 Cologne, Germany
5 Chris Werfel 1000035 - How you get to be number one when always lose ball?
? Chicago, Illinois, US
6 Cliffy 0001409 home.attbi.com/~crinear I love the look and feel of this game. The nicest piece in my collection!
September 18th, 1995 San Ramon, CA, US
7 Dan Schindler - www.channel1.com/users/daniel/ A great game. best picture is on the manual. beautiful machine.
8 Bob Ellingson 0001592 - A couple of the greatest special effects in pinball!
November 1995 Santa Clara, Calif. USA
9 Greg Stephens 1650 - Good shape but my wand magnet just stopped working.
- Modesto, CA, USA
10 Lance Morey 1000253 http://www.morey.org/lmorey.htm -
1995 Chicago, USA
11 Scott Pikulski - - This game was my first job in the industry. I created all the Dot-Matrix animations and helped to lay out the rules for the tricks.Those were fun times.
- Illinois, USA
12 Brett Gens 1000381 - Awesome game when everything works.
N/A Montrose MN, USA
13 Kev Downes ?? - In Excellent condition. Fully restored and owned since 1998.
1995 Hartlepool, England
14 Craig Pullen 1120 - Bought the game in excellent condition and have not stopped playing it since i bought it, great game with some fantastic features esspecially the wand and the levitating ball...brilliant. Not quite as good as the Roadshow but still v.nice.
19 September 1995 Bristol, England
15 Tony Kamp 1000020 - I bought the Pinball from H. Rozema on 12-05-2008. It has a special plate at the front due it's serial #20 :) and it's in superb condition!! It's very fun, but I HATE the JINX (lower right outer lane). I polish the field alot :) WONDERFULL MAGIC MACHINE!!
November 1995 The Netherlands
16 Vidar Steen 1000197 - Bought the game from faluautomater.se 2002-06-19 in very good condition , everything works though the left outlane ballsaver needs some attention. rom 1.06
19 September 1995 Stockholm Sweden
17 Rob Clark 0001430 - Great game, i love it!
- Perth, Western Australia
18 Raymond Williams 0002114 - Great game-high speed action and cool voice over.
12/1995 Vallejo CA, USA
19 Marcel Foederer PB-10018 - In new condition i bought it when i was working by the Dutch ditributer [elam-group]out of the showroom incl a new p-magic t-shirt en flyers.
- Maarheeze [ Holland ]
20 Bert Staal - - PM in good condition everything works nice. Bought the PM on 16-10-2002. Need some cleaning. Some plastics are damaged.
- Dronten Netherlands
21 Sarto Tilburg - - -
- Kantine Netherlands
22 Brian Weissmann PB10007 - This game is stamped: "ENGINEERING PROTOTYPE - NOT INTENDED FOR RESALE." This game has a serial number of 0007. Game wiring harness is different from production games and playfield lights also vary from the production model.
July 1995 Chicago, IL, USA
23 Stephan Muhs 1000013 - Great Game in near mint condition!
November 1995 Cologne, Germany
24 Tim Walls 1000295 - E-bay purchase in marvelous condition! Needs new floating ball. I love the guy in the upper right corner behind the stage.ROM V1.0.7
- Troy Michigan USA
25 Steve Bromfield 0001807 - A favorite machine, but I like Indiana Jones (T.o.D) a bit better. But a great theme for an amateur magician !
- Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
26 Thierry Debar 1702 - Tres beau flipper et equivalent au theatre of magic (Very good pinball and as good as Theatre of Magic)
- France,Herblay
27 Julien Greening 1417 - Great game, but with a few missing toys :[
- Port Stephens Australia
28 Tobias Galeus & Mattias Söderp 0001970 sponk.frontnet.org/pinball Right now the game does not boot up (Power problems). ROMS: V1.0.3
- Gothenburg, Sweden
29 Peter Katzmann 0001985 sponk.frontnet.org/pinball Great Game, some minor normal Problems (Burned Connectors, Ruined Drop Targets). But besite the fixable Problem near Mint. It comes with ROM V1.06
- Fulda, Germany
30 Tom Reitz 0001644 - Had some toy problems. Part of the fun was fixing them. Have a mystery dot matrix problem. Doesn't all work all the time. No broken solder joints or parts
November 1995 Waupaca, Wiscomsin USA
31 Melanie 1000222 - Pinball Machine in perfect condition, completed, Fantastic Game, nice sounds, Good Looking. You realy must try it, It`s more fun than a Theatre of Magic.
3 oktober 1995 Nieuw-Bergen, The Netherlands
32 Mike Limberg 1000235 - In Excellent condition. Great Game.
January 96 Leverkusen, Germany
33 Bas Sas 0001401 - great pinball machine,everything works,the original spinner is missing,but i replaced it with another spinner
- Netherlands
34 Don Merki 0001744 - HUO. Happy to be able to find and play it. Thanks Leon
November 95 Texas, USA
35 Erwin Kriek 1000009 - Real fun to play. Never reached level 3, but keep on trying !!!
- -
36 Henny Possen pb-10018 - -
- Nederland
37 Budimir Jovanovic - - -
- TZ.Bosnia
38 Kinney Bacon 0001095 - Good condition, great game.
October 1995 Georgia, USA
39 James Edes 000101448 - route game
- Sacramento, CA, USA
40 Kai Welz 0001358 - very fast
May,2005 Leverkusen,Germany
41 Bob McNeilly 0001972 - Great game great condition...way underrated! - In very good condition...saved from parts cannibal!
1995 Pfalz, Germany
42 Norbert 'PinBertl' Heuber 0001387 - Bought it in bad condition, Complete board set and several parts missing, some plastics broken. Had tears in my eyes when i started to disassemble it, but no chance to bring it back to life. Parts available on request.
August 1995 Vienna, Austria
43 Norbert 'PinBertl' Heuber 10000034 - Very good condition. Latest Rom Version added.
November 1995 Vienna, Austria
44 Kalan Harvest 0002152 - -
January 1996 Stanton, CA USA
45 Phil Hauser 0002604 - Good flow, wonderful theme, cool toys. Excellent job on integration of theme throughout sound/lights/DMD/artwork package.
May 17, 1995 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
46 Chris DeLeon 1461 - Excellent playfield - looks like day 1 mylar. Everything on it is working and I am looking forward to defeating Matra Magna soon! :)
October 1995 San Francisco, CA, USA
47 Jeff Rowe 2393 - Great game, worked great for years, recently the 'Display Power Board', p/n A0015502 burned out. No response from IL pinball on available part. Until then playable without the dot matrix!!!
1995 Charlotte, NC USA
48 Frank Miklin 0001215 - Very nice condition. I think I will keep it.
1995 Switzerland
49 Tony Mellows 1066 - One of two PM's I have, massively underated, I love this game, #1 machine is in very good condition, #2 machine is mint with playfield signed by Bryan Hansen!!
1995 Bristol, UK
50 Clay Stevens 1746 - Very cool game!
1995 Angleton, Texas, USA
51 Joseph Dziedzic 0001028 - Game has brushed stainless side rails and lockdown bar, as shown on the game flyer and promotional photo on IPDB. CPU and sound board show some revisions by wire wrap hot-glued to boards. Sound board has one ROM marked 'B10.0'. Date of Manufacture is September 1995.
September 1995 Nashua, NH USA
52 Matt Elder 0001364 - A German re-import. Needs a little bit of TLC, but is pretty nice overall.
October 1995 Muscatine, Iowa, USA
53 Norbert 'PinBertl' Heuber 0001400 - Nice condition, mylar on playfield. I will never understand the way Capcom set the serial numbers.
October 1995 Vienna, Austria
54 Norbert 'PinBertl' Heuber 1000200 - Nice condition, with mylar. Restauration in progress.
January 1996 Vienna, Austria
55 Mike Nogle 1808 greatamericanpinballlc.com Sample or Prototype. HUO with only 400 completed games .Inside of bottom cabinet has hand lables with part numbers for everything. Little differances in playfield artwork. Does not say Matra Magna above the lady. Does have squiqqly green and orange artwork all around the complete complete 6 tricks. production squiggly artwork cleared to see the wording. stainless steel side rails and lockdown bar. Stamped Stern!
N/A Chicago, USA
56 Joe Gioffre 0001817 - Awesome package A well built and carefully thought out game. I have wanted one of these for a long time. After playing cliffys I knew I had to own one. My favorite pin in my collection. A keeper. I love the feel of this pin. Capcom should go back into business in making pins.
Nov 1995 Ripon, Ca
57 Gregg Van Oss 0001632 - -
- Middletown, CA
58 Gustaf Hamilton 0001084 - Imported from Germany, but in the manual 'notes' it's written in italian. Cabinet is fine and not 'drilled', playfield in very good shape with few brooken plastics and small scratches on the translite, stainless side bars, black lockdown and legs. Unfortunatly it doesent boot up, just 16 vertical lines in the display, please mail if you have any idea to fix or CPU/Power PCB to sell...
- Götene Sverige
59 Joey 'Fatsquatch' Connelly 0002063 www.fatsquatch.com Machine is in fantastic cosmetic and working condition. Fun to play and gorgeous to look at!
November, 1995 Chattanooga, TN, USA

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