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Less than 13,000 Indiana Jones games were produced


The Indiana Jones prototype has five obvious differences to the production model.

  • The famous 'Lost Plastic' was a backlit plastic depicting a sunset.
  • The 'Idol' from the proto is silver and slightly different from the golden production version.
  • The 'ropebridge' that leads to the 'Path of Adventure' is backlit.
  • The 'Path of Adventure' itself had stainless steel sides while in the production run red transparant was used.
  • The easiest way to spot a prototype is the absence of a 'superball' button as it uses the gun trigger to activate that.
  • There are some pictures of the prototype here on the excellent Mike Saunders' Indiana Jones page.


    Here's a couple of IJ speaker cutouts...

    ...and some Indy keyrings...

    Disney's customised IJ

    The Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland has a customised IJ pinball. Take a look here to see it.

    Pinball Patents

    Here's a couple of patents relating specifically to Indiana Jones & The Pinball Adventure

    Rotary ball receptacle for a pinball game
    Tilting play feature for a pinball game

    The Indiana Jones Backglass Mystery

    Which came first?
    Who really did the artwork for the Indiana Jones backglass?
    What went wrong with the original run of backglasses?
    ...find out here...

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