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This is a list of known common problems with this machine...

Fading - faded artwork is common on most Indiana Jones games - especially the cabinet.

Broken playfield plastics - especially the slingshots and plastic around the lock.

Pitting or tarnishing of the gold wireform ramps on the playfield.

Drop targets breaking off are very common problem on IJ machines, mainly due to the game having flipper coils installed from the factory that are really too strong for the game. The game originally came with the strongest available coils (FL-11629). Some owners suggest replacing these with the next strongest (FL-15411) coils which are still powerful enough to make all shots without risking further drop target damage.

Drop target decals badly scuffed or completely oblitterated.

Game should have gold legs and gold leg bolts installed.

Mode Start Hole: Over time, the ball coming out of Mode Start kickout hole can sometimes hit the lower right switch on the mini-playfield, if it's positioned or adjusted just right, and bend it's leads and eventually short it out. This can cause erratic operation, player additions, and game re-starts during play. Moving the switch leads & resoldered wires and diode to get them further out of the way of possibly being hit by ball is a good idea. Also adjusting the kickout hole assembly so that it won't launch the ball into the air, but rather nudge it back out of the hole like it should.

Mini Playfield Motor can wear out over time on heavily-used games and cause mini playfield to stop rotating left or right, or cause other various intermittent operation of the mini playfield.

Optos in the ball troughs under playfield and Idol Head assembly can get dirty over time if neglected

Ball trough opto board - constant balls falling into it can crack the joints on the pcb

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