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This is a list of known common problems with this machine...

Armless Boogieman: Boogiemen who boogie too much lose their arms - these little monsters (which were called 'Finger Frights' when I was a kid) are still available in some childrens toy shops.

Broken Plastics: Three plastics are especially prone to breakage in Elvira: both ramp entrance plastics and particularly the plastic that seperates the multiball kickout and thumper-bumpers - balls are catapulted out over this plastic and slightly weak shot will slam straight into this plastic.

Cabinet Fading: The cabinet being predominantly black, it is often quite badly faded.

Cabinet Decals: The Elvira cabinet uses a beautiful decal which usually gets damaged where the legs connect.

Playfield Wear: The upper right corner where the skulls are and where the letters spell BAT. This is a high wear area and usually missing some paint.

Skull Lock: The Skull Lock can fail to register balls once they're locked, or not kicking them out properly. There is a Service Bulletin to recify this.

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