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I will add more tips as I find them...

The following is reproduced from a couple of superb postings on r.g.p. by Pinlicious (pinlicious@aol.com) who is obviously a far better player that me...

TECH: CFTBL whirlpool--how many revolutions??


1.) make sure the bowl is level. if not, use some spacers made of rubber or plastic. possibly even washers.

2.) the metal rail has to be adjusted to release the ball into the wp bowl without hitting the edge of the pool. so it enters into the bowl cleanly. maintaining maximum speed.

3.) make sure the switch is adjusted correctly. here's a hint, the ball is not going to get alot of switch hits once it loses speed and gets away from the edge of the wp bowl. so, adjust the switch so it will register only when the ball is more near the edge. if you have the switch hanging out too far, it can slow the ball down with just one hit. if the switch is out too far, it will cause the ball to move away from the edge faster and lose speed. you don't want a tight switch absorbing all of the balls momentum. you want it so the switch will not cause the ball to move away from the edge of the wp bowl. this will take some trial and error.

4.) make sure your game is steep enough. i have mine at 7 degrees. i just like it fast.

5.) hint...to help the ball gain even more speed going through the ramp, nudge the machine opposite the turns of the ramp when the ball passes by. example...when the ball is making a left turn, nudge to the right, and when making a right turn, nudge to the left. this will add energy and speed to the ball. it will enter the wp bowl with more velocity. you can do this at three different times while the ball comes down the wp ramp.

6.) depending on your tilt level...my games are set to be played, nudged, with factory warnings. you can nudge, don't jerk! while the ball is in the wp bowl, do the same nudgeing effect as with the ramp, just a little quicker since the bowl is so small.

7.) make sure your bowl is very clean, waxed, and does not have any debris in it that the ball will be rolling over.

8.) clean hard shots to this ramp help as well. shots that barely make it up to the ramp will not get as many revolutions as a dead nut center shot.

9.) make sure your right flipper has the correct coil, the sleeve is clean, and that your metal shaft has a tapered edge and is not catching the plastic sleeve at all.

10.) install yellow sleeves and bell rubber, white rings, and red flipper rubbers. your not a sissy, play the game with a little speed. for added fun, put yellow sleeves on the posts seperating the inlane and outlane. alot more fun to fight the outlanes than be a helpless victim : )

cftbl is a CLASSIC !!!

ENJOY! : )

-pinlicious ( ...there is no spoon.)

Quick side question, how long does your multiball last on creature?

time wise it is hard to say. i would guess in the range of 1 minute to 10 minutes? maybe longer? alot depends on if you re-start your multiball and what your going for.

sheesh, this is gonna be long, DANG!!! ; )

here i go...

1.) start multiball shooting the kiss lane.

2.) plunge ball softly to stay up in pop bumpers.

3.) first shot goes to wp bowl.

4.) gain control of second ball coming down from pop bumpers on left flipper. (hold ball on left flipper)

5.) rape the wp bowl until multiplier is maxed.

6.) once maxed, shoot the kiss lane for search. luck will let you find the Creature here. [if not found, go to 6.a.] if creature is found here next shot is to the snackbar to rescue the Girl (all this time holding the ball on left flipper : ) {go to TIME TO MAKE OUT !!!}

6.a.) if creature is not found here, shoot the snackbar to find Creature. if slightly lucky, you will have found creature. if completely unlucky, you will have to do some gambling and search in the slide shot. this can be done by simply shooting the ball off the left flipper into the slide. then you will have 2 balls coming out from under the playfield. you will have finally found Creature. shoot a ball into the snackbar to rescue the girl. after this...TIME TO MAKE OUT !!!

REMEMBER!!! you have a multiball restart available at anytime by shooting the snackbar if you have not collected a jackpot yet.


so, at this point, we have jackpot lit. what to do, what to do, what to do? go for jackpot multiplied to the max or please your lady friend...hmmmmmmmm....

if you used your multiball restart you go for the jackpots (obviously ; )

if you still have your multiball restart i would advise being the ladies man. make out with your date for as many kisses as possible and rape the machine for extra balls. the most cautious way of doing this is to leave a ball on the left flipper and repeat the kiss shot till no end. (if you get a little cocky, do two balls at the same time, it speeds things up a little and will get your date in the mood a little quicker ; )i have collected multiple extra balls before even useing my multiball restart.

when you finally lose the ball, wait a split second until your multiball restart has started to count down. (shoot too early and you will be awarded you jackpot and the multiball will end, loseing your chance for HUGE points!) then make that ball on the left flipper useful and restart your multiball.

plunge the ball to the rollover area, as soon as a switch is triggered, you will have a ball served to you from the right kickout. shoot the jackpot. the real beauty of this technique is that if you have lively pop-bumpers and you make your initial shot into the jackpot, you already have a ball in the pop bumpers collecting hits towards the super jackpot.

from here on out get the pops required to light super jackpot and shoot the snackbar to collect.

then simply repeat process, forgetting about additional make-out sessions for the remainder of your multiball.

do this multiple times and...



if for some reason you max out the C-R-E-A-T-U-R-E multiplier and lose your multiball, fret not, simply spell film and restart your multiball. if you can accomplish this on the same ball, it will hold the creature multiplier and you will start the following multiball with the multiplier maxed. nice touch : )

DAM !!! i knew that would be long ; )

-pinlicious ( ...there is no spoon.)

The original r.g.p. thread is here, Pinlicious's excellent posts are here and here.

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