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Plastic Protectors

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Don't Wait To Break Them...

Have you ever been playing your favourite pinball game when a fluke shot or an airball has shattered a plastic on your playfield or chipped a slingshot. That's the moment you wish you'd protected them!

You have two choices - live with the ugly damage or hunt for a new one. NOS (New Old Stock) plastics can still be found (usually at a very high price) and some people make repros, but very few repros live up to the originals.

Far better to protect them before the damage happens

Compare these and make up your mind....

These custom-made, clear, nearly unbreakable plastic washers will do the job and not be unsightly like metal washers can be. They offer a cheap solution that is simple to install. Use a pair on your slingshots and anywhere else on the playfield where you have virtually irreplaceable plastics that need to be protected.

Clear Plastic Washers

Made from SUPER STRONG 1/16" Polycarbonate

3/16" hole
5/32" hole

The price is 80p each including free P&P in the UK (Minimum order is 10)

Your choice of sizes. Discounts are available for large quantities

Ah...what a difference...which do you prefer?

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