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Fez's (Old) Games Rooms
Here are some pictures of where my pinballs used to live in my house before I build a pinball-siized game room extension on my house...then moved!
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My 'Spare' Bedroom

My first two machines: Roadshow & Twilight Zone - superb examples of both - though with two wide-bodied superpins above your lounge, especially a RS complete with shaker-motor, I don't advise to sitting underneath!

My Kitchen

Some may frown at having games in the kitchen, but let's face it - which would you prefer: a kitchen table used as a dumping ground for things 'to do' or a coupla pins? No contest - a Whitewater in great condition and an almost mint Jack*Bot

My Office

Don't get much serious work done in here now I have a near mint CFTBL and a Indiana Jones in there.

My Lounge

Once a spacious room, now a little cramped with these two in there and all the furniture squashed up - the Flintstones is as near mint as you'll find.

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