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Construction History

Last Update 23-Mar-05

Date Construction Details
23/03/05 New host, new website framework, hopefully a better look - lots of small content changes & corrections. Currently have all my games in storage while selling my house.
22/06/04 Long overdue update on all aspects of the site. Major upgrade of Designer Comments pages - now searchable and backed by a database.
2002-2003 Building an extension is an all-comsuming task - especially when you're doing most of it yourself - very little time to play pins or work on website. Latest Game Room pictures. Daily updates as my home-build Games Room came together. Now Archived.
11/11/02 Updated Designer Comments pages.
14/10/02 Added Most Requested Pages for September 2002.
03/10/02 Added Protect Your Plastics pages - selling pinbal plastic washers.
03/09/02 Added news story Tales from the Trenches of Coin-Op Audio written by well-known pinball sound designer & composer Chris Granner.
02/09/02 Added a UK Pinball Directory with useful links for UK pin-heads. Also added Most Requested Pages for August 2002
20/08/02 I visited Electrocoin today to play the new game from STERN - click here to see what I thought.
07/08/02 New feature - "Who's Who in Pinball" - the only "Hall of Fame" for pinball designers on the internet. This is a work-in-progress which I hope others will contribute to. Also added Most Requested Pages for July 2002 and joined the Ring Of Pinball.
12/07/02 Jumped on the bandwagon and gathered everything I can find out about the new STERN game - .
01/07/02 Added news story about Tim Arnold and Most Requested Pages for June 2002.
05/06/02 Added basic pages - will add more asap. Refreshed Designer Comments and added Most Requested Pages for May 2002.
10/05/02 Lots of original manuals for sale - check the Offered pages.
08/05/02 Added Most Requested Pages for April 2002.
03/05/02 Asked help to identify lots of plastics - anyone recognise the last few here?
25/04/02 Revamp (again) extension pictures & add lots of new pictures. Today the scaffolding came down.
16/04/02 Moved Hitbox statistics to top of page to register hits better.
04/04/02 Added Orin Day to the Designer Comments pages - also updated all designer pages with latest comments up to 04-Apr-02
03/04/02 Added Most Requested Pages for Mar 2002
19/03/02 Added new pages, moved pages.
12/03/02 Updated Designer pages with latest comments up to 12-Mar-02, updated Roadshow & Pinball Magic Owners Lists and added Most Requested Pages for Feb 2002
01/02/02 Added Most Requested Pages for Jan 2002
27/01/02 Proper scan of promo one-sided flyer to replace photo. Added Game Room plans to Extension pages.
22/01/02 Added quick photo of promo one-sided flyer and the latest Game Room pictures.
22/01/02 - first pictures on the internet of Stern's new game - taken on day of release at ATEI show in London.
21/01/02 Extended massively the Games Room Extension pages.
18/01/02 Some REAL construction going on now - I'm building an extension to my house to house a new games room (amoung other things) - Added pages to keep updated with the progress - these will be updated daily.
03/01/02 Added Most Requested Pages for Dec 2001 and Most Popular Designer Comments 2001
19/12/01 Added new Keith Johnson (Keefer) to Designer Comments Pages.
06/12/01 Added new , and pages. Updated & Owners Lists, Uploaded November 2001 'Most Requested' Page.
19/11/01 New detailed patent info for , first few pages - patents & trivia.
14/11/01 Few pages, added patent information to & pages. Backglass mystery! First basic pages too.
09/11/01 Added promo items to Trivia, New & Owners to Lists, Added logo graphics for more games.
01/11/01 Added Greg Dunlap & Cameron Silver to Designer pages, updated all others. Also added 'Most Requested' page based on site statistics for October 2001.
10/10/01 Added Feedback page for any comments, amended & added to pages.
07/10/01 Added pages including Owners List, added flyer mockups from Ted Estes, updated Designer pages. Also posted to rec.games.pinball and saw a huge upsurge in web hits - 25 times normal!
17/08/01 Major changes to framework to incorporate new sliding menu...kewl. also added Owners Page - have lots more great content to come.
27/07/01 Added & rules pages, fixed graphics ommissions.
24/07/01 Added & rules pages, 'Explore the Playfield', new graphics.
17/07/01 Added Designer Comments pages.
29/05/01 Site down for a while due to problems with service provider. Re-upped old version for testing.
23/05/01 Bought a digital camera at last so now I can add personal content to my site.
09/05/01 Reworked site directory structure to make updates easier, removed excessive use of javascripts, added basic pages for machines I've bought and reseached with an aim to buying.
15/04/01 Begun to add pages of machine trivia and common problems as I find out.
13/03/01 Added place-holding pages for new aquisitions & - lots of small updates. NEED MORE CONTENT - Need to borrow Ian's digicam!
06/02/01 Added & pages - reduced some image sizes.
21/12/00 Revamped page-hierarchy & added basic , , & pages, Owners Diary, Wanted!, & Fez's message.
03/11/00 New framework revealed, added user-modified folders to framework, added basic & areas, added flyers, added animated doors to
26/10/00 Modified framework (still hidden) to allow images as well as text, added links to useful sites
15/10/00 Installed new framework (hidden), basic areas with dummy links
01/10/00 www.extraball.co.uk registered, initial site setup & testing
hosts the Owners Lists for , and
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